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Corporate income taxation
Corporate Tax 24%
Dividend 12%
Participation Exemption N/A
Capital gains 12%
Deduction of Interests Fully deductible
Thin Capitalization Rule N/A
  • Accelerated depreciation (for certain assets)
max index 2,5
Transfer Pricing Rules N/A
Loss carried forward
Loss carried backward
Fiscal unity/Tax consolidation N/A
Withholding taxation
Withholding tax rate for dividends 12%
Interests 10%
Royalties 15%
Other income
(securities, real estate, some services, agency agreements)
Double Tax Treaty Network (over 60 DTTs): reduction /elimination of double taxation
Personal Income tax
General flat rate 12%
Reduced rate
  • Individual entrepreneurs – residents of High Technologies Park (HTP)
  • Individuals from residents of the HTP under labour agreements
Dividends 12%
Inheritance tax N/A
Real Estate Transfer Taxes / Duty N/A
Value Added Tax
Standard / reduced rate    
20% / 10 %
Export     0%
Exemption available for medical, educational and insurance services provided to individuals, supply of certain pharmaceuticals and medical equipment
Property taxation
Corporations (annual rate)
  • If construction projects in progress
1 %
Individuals: residential property (annual rate) 0.1 %
Additional tax on Land (cadastral value of land) 0.015% to 12 %
Severance Tax
On extracted natural resources (oil, sand, chalk, clay, salt, gold)
On alcohol, tobacco, petroleum, autos
Social Security Contributions
Employer rate on top of gross salary
  • Employer rate for big agricultural producers
Rate of gross salary for employees 1%
Incentives for Investors
Contract with state, which can guarantee special regime of taxation, customs duties and other privileges available for particular investment project
Tax incentives available under cluster principle (for residents of High Technologies Park, Free Economic Zones, and companies situated and operating in small towns and in rural areas)
Special (simplified) tax regime
Special tax regimes are available; rates vary depending on type of business activity
Advance (binding) tax rulings N/A
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