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We are pleased to present the second edition of “Comparative Summary of anticorruption Laws in the CIS Economic Region” - the joint publication of the CIS Leading Counsel Network.

The CIS Leading Counsel Network (LCN) was established in 2009 by nine leading law firms from the countries of the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) economic region, and it aims to transcend the national boundaries and offer clients a seamless advice across these fast developing markets, which are increasingly attracting international investments. LCN brings together the following prominent national law firms: in Armenia - Ameria, in Azerbaijan - FINA, in Belarus - Vlasova Mikhel & Partners, in Kazakhstan - Aequitas, in the Kyrgyz Republic - Kalikova & Associates, in Moldova - Turcan Cazac, in Russia - Egorov Puginsky Afanasiev & Partners, in Turkmenistan - ACT and in Ukraine - RULG – Ukrainian Legal Group.

LCN members have a long history of successful collaboration. The alliance takes to a new level their time-tested relationships and offers clients integrated teams in these dynamic and challenging jurisdictions. Our several successful joint workshops and publications attest to the benefit of joining efforts and offering global business audiences up-to-date coverage of legal developments in our part of the world. Our other new publications include “Comparative Summary of Antitrust Laws in CIS Economic Region” and “CIS: Tax Compass 2011”, which are available at

There are two main reasons for this new edition of “Comparative Summary of anticorruption Laws in the CIS Economic Region”:

  1. the popularity of the first edition, which was in such a great demand among our readers that it ran out of print; and
  2. the need to reflect changes in the anticorruption legislation in some countries of the CIS economic region that occurred since our first edition was published in 2010 (for example, in Ukraine a new law “On the Fundamentals of Corruption Prevention and Counteraction” was adopted in 2011)

We hope that this edition will be as popular as the first one because the topic of anticorruption remains a top priority for our clients around the world, and we continue to offer extensive expertise in this area and to expand our compliance practice.
We strongly believe that compliance is a joint concern for both the business and the legal communities, and the legal community must be in the forefront of fight against corruption, which was reflected in the report of International Bar Association, OECD, and UNODC on development of an anticorruption strategy for the legal profession. On our part each of the LCN members has allocated serious attention over the years to building their individual compliance practices. At the same time, being members of the first integrated regional network, we also took our compliance practices to the new level and developed joint expertise that will greatly benefit our clients doing business in the CIS economic region. We are happy to share our knowledge with you and hope that this practical guide will help you to improve the understanding of the CIS economic region and to develop sophisticated and efficient compliance policies.

We, at LCN, look forward to continuing dialogue with our readers and to offering you new publications on important legal developments in the CIS economic region!

Irina Paliashvili
President & Senior Counsel, RULG-Ukrainian Legal Group
Co-chair, CIS LCN

Dimitry Afanasiev
Chairman, Egorov Puginsky Afanasiev & Partners
Co-chair, CIS LCN